Telehealth Campaign
Services: Direct Mail, Landing Page, Social, Email, Facility Signage, Video

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In response to the Covid pandemic Kaiser Permanente needed to quickly develop a robust marketing campaign geared towards educating all patients on how to access healthcare remotely, using either a computer or mobile device. The result was the Telehealth campaign.

This initiative kicked off with facility signage and a dedicated landing page and soon expanded across email, social media and into a high impact direct mailer. We also provided the client with a custom how-to video. The Telehealth campaign is intended to instruct Kaiser members on how to best contact their healthcare professionals remotely, rather than in person. Members can call a nurse or have virtual meetings with their doctors from anywhere. The overall tone of this campaign is aimed at making this process as simple and convenient as possible by connecting from a mobile device, tablet or computer—provided that it meets the requirements of: a front-facing camera, strong network signal of 3 or more bars, or a strong high-speed internet connection. We highlight the five pathways to connect with your Kaiser health care team.


We designed and printed custom signage and literature used in Kaiser facilities. QR codes on each piece drove traffic to a dedicated landing page with detailed instruction guides, technical requirements and our custom how-to video.


Floor Stands

Wall Posters

Elevator Wrap


Direct Mail

We designed a mobile device and a laptop themed high impact mailer, segmented and mailed to hundreds of thousands of recipients.


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